Ananda College Prefects Support People Affected by Meethotamulla Catastrophe

The prefects guild of Ananda College handed over a list of goods to the people who have severely suffered from the Meethotamulla catastrophe. Goods including Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Siddhalepa, Asamodagam, Panadol, Plastic plates, Plastic cups, Milk powder, Sugar, Tea powder and Kettles were parceled separately and distributed accordingly with the guidance of Ven. Vitiyala Kavidaja thero of Wellampitiya Parama Dharmodaya temple who is also the director of “Mawupiya Senahasa Foundation”.

The prefects guild would like to highlight the tremendous support provided by the college principal Mr. S.M. Keerthirathna and the former OBA president Mr. Jayantha Wickramasinghe in making this project a resounding success.