Punaragamanaya musical extravaganza organized by 2004 Group

පුනරාගමනය was a musical extravaganza organized by the Group of 2004 held on 26th March 2017 at the College Kularatne Hall. Leading artistes Chitral ‘Chitty’ Somapala, Nadeeka Guruge, and Kasun Kalhara performed before an audience of 700 music lovers.

If the memorial outside the Kularatne Hall stands for anything, it stands testament to the fact that mother Ananda has contributed more than any other college on this soil for national liberation by raising upstanding young men who knew where their duty lay in Sri Lanka’s hour of need.

Today, after almost 8 years of the conclusion of the war, we enjoy the benefits of freedom from terror and fear. This freedom did not come free. Many young men and women of this country paid the ultimate price. Many more, became permanently  disabled and are lying in hospital beds today.

The proceeds from පුනරාගමනය was utilised to purchase wheelchairs for the disabled soldiers of Sri Lanka Army. It is the පුනරාගමනය of those soldiers that is referred to in the title of this show.  පුනරාගමනය was also intended to be a tribute to those who gave their future for ours. Because it’s never too late to remember.